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Wood flooring fitting services in commercial properties

Our team has the necessary experience and training to make a fitting that takes into account all the flooring needs. We will consider:

  1. the type of wood according to the atmosphere of the premises;
  2. the way of placement for maximum strength;
  3. reinforcement of areas with higher workloads;
  4. the color of the floor with the vision of the building or the room;
  5. elegant distribution of the wood surface;
  6. working at convenient hours by your hours of activity (even work at night).

What types of floors can we put:

  • a complete wooden floor in a hall, room, office room;
  • stairs, handle on stairs (Staircases), transitional levels between floors;
  • wooden countertops, walls, seating;
  • frames of windows and doors;
  • wood bars, wooden walls, office desk.

The use of wooden floor and surfaces is very popular in:

  • operas, concert halls, sports halls, fitness centers;
  • restaurants, cafes, pubs;
  • shops, workshops, art galleries, churches;
  • external terraces to the commercial part;
  • office, conference rooms, coworking spaces.

When you decide to make a new floor, it is highly recommended to make a preliminary appointment and discuss all the work-related issues.

This may be:

  1. whether a ready-made sub-floor will be placed;
  2. what kind of floor and tree is best to be used;
  3. what additions need to be considered;
  4. is it necessary to change the color of the tree or to make one more complete;
  5. what braces and fasteners to use;
  6. what is the most convenient time to work according to your needs.

For the service, we can also prepare the surface under the wooden floor to protect its strength and to have no creaking, moisture, air and can be placed perfectly.

You can make a reservation for a free visit and arrange all the details to make everything in time and at the end cost.

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