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Decking Installation Services

It has many advantages, and there is an excellent choice of solutions that you can choose for your decking.

The main reasons to make decking are:

  • boost property value;
  • take advantage of the outdoor (garden) area of your house;
  • improve your terraces, rooftop, garden;
  • enjoy fresh air during the lockdowns;

Types of installations we can make for you:

  • hardwood;
  • composite;
  • plastic;
  • timber - hardwood and softwood boards;

You can expect professional service to take care of:

  • leveling;
  • frames;
  • slabs;
  • nailing;
  • preserver;
  • precise wood boards laying;
  • lights installation;
  • add hot tub fitting;

We are able to install all types of decking:

Composite Decking

It's a combination of wood and plastic to provide a long-lasting surface with a very pretty view.

  • hidden fastener systems;
  • water and rot proof;
  • mold and fungi resistant;
  • easier for cleaning;
  • more durable in time;

The outdoor surface will look very good, and your garden can become your best place to spend your free time.

Timber Decking

It's a good solution if you wish to have an enjoyable garden with a warm natural feel. We'll recommend the most suitable timber profiles to make the surface sustainable and good-looking for a very long time.

You can choose from:

  • York style;
  • Canterbury style;
  • Winchester style;
  • Cambridge style;
  • Ipe;
  • Balau;
  • Garapa;

The profiles are:

  • smooth;
  • grooved;
  • reeded;

Before buying the wooden floorboards, it's better to consult the work with an expert (like us). It's an important part of the process because you will receive the right information about:

  • which way is the most cost-effective for your needs;
  • which decking type is better for your outdoor surface;
  • what else can be done;
  • how to make it durable over time;
  • what has to be done to protect the upper surface;

We're ready to discuss your needs and help with choosing the right solution.

Decking Repairs

Usually, the decking will stay in very good condition between 10 and 15 years, if it's made correctly. However, you may wish to change the look or repair some parts of it from time to time.

In case you already have a decking and you need a repairer, we can fix every problem with it or improve the surface. This includes:

  • nailing;
  • replacement of floorboards (it happens very often);
  • fix frame problems ;
  • re-oiling, re-varnishing, sanding;
  • replace the old decking with new one;
  • add new patterns;
  • change picture frames;

Long experience in decking is crucial when you need an expert in this field. That's why you can trust our experts and request the information you need to move on.

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