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Floor Fitting Services

For every floor type, there is a special way to install the floorboards properly. It affects the entire floor, how solid it will be, and how long it will stay in good condition.

Depending on the floor patterns and its type of wood, there are many methods to make a perfect fitting.

We can do any of the methods:

  • Glue-down - solid wood, parquet
  • Nail-down - mainly for hardwood, decking, and stairs;
  • Click-lock - the best way for laminate;
  • Floating - engineered wood, and others.

Note: The fitting options depend primarily on the floorboards, their type, condition, height, and thickness.

To achieve the perfect fitting, we also need to take care of the subfloor and underlayment. It's essential to have ideal leveling before any new installation.

For unfinished floorboards, during the process it may be necessary to do light sanding and gap filling, just to achieve the best possible refinishing.

Does it affect the installation price?

The fitting pricing always depends on the size of the premise and the type of floorboards that we have to install. In most cases, there is no additional cost for the method.

However, it's required to deliver the nails and all the necessary glue for nailing and glue-down, which may extend the price, but not so much.

How to choose the best fitting method

To achieve the maximum efficiency in your property, it's recommended to discuss your needs with a flooring expert. During the consultation, you will receive the right answer.

That's why we have pre-fitting free consulting about your new flooring and what can be the best solution for your home or business property.

If someone just lay-down the floorboards, and the floor doesn't look good, we can finish the work and make the necessary changes, as a professional company with dedicated experts.

The fitting process is the most important part of the new floor installation. Laying without perfect fitting is not effective, and won't last for long time.

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