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Wood Flooring Installation Solutions

 The company specializes in perfect solutions for all types of floors, which may differ based on different criteria like:

  • what the rooms or floors are used for;
  • the style of the room (if there is a combination of colours);
  • what kind of building it is (commercial place, office, apartment, house, etc.);
  • how heavy the floor is damaged;

Everything is taken into account, and it all requires specific approaches. The final goal is to achieve a brilliant installation on a perfectly prepared subfloor.

This list includes additional services and other solutions that can be used during the installation process.

Wood Floor Fitting Services

 The services we offer for installation are rich in variety, and each option is specific to a particular type of floorboards, pattern, wood thickness, and type of room.
 When installing, we offer the following options:

  • complete preparation of the subfloor level, taking into account cables, pipes, and others;
  • minimal extra cost of material;
  • what effect you want to have after the floor is successfully installed;
  • placing of skirtings according to the floor decoration.

In other words, it's all about preparation, installation, and refinishing (if needed).

If you choose, you can first buy the floorboards and then consult with us just about the installation price. In practice, it is advisable first to inspect the floors and then estimate how many floorboards to buy (because you may need additional materials).

If you are going to buy floors from a store of your choice, it's good to keep in mind just how many square meters you'll need because some sorts of layouts may need a little more.

If it is necessary to repair the subfloor surface, this may include:

  • leveling the surface;
  • placing insulation underlay;
  • additional materials and fasteners;
  • partial repairs of floor beams (if any);
  • taking the thresholds and profiles;
  • skirtings, oil, wax, and more;

Our free expert site survey can obtain information about all this. We also work during the lockdowns, and we offer a remote estimate to save your time and avoid any additional measures.

Why it is essential to make a proper floor installation:

  • the amount you paid for the floor will be worth it;
  • avoid creaking, getting dirt between the floorboards;
  • will have stability on the level and will be able to place furniture in peace;
  • will have a longer floor life;
  • you will save money on additional repairs;
  • you will avoid the unnecessary purchase of a larger quantity of wood;
  • you will be pleased with the final result;

For this purpose, we provide an option for installing all types of wood flooring. If you are already targeting a specific type, we can directly offer a service for it.

It is indeed highly recommended to make a view of the premises before buying any wooden floor, just to be sure what's the current condition and do we need to improve the leveling.

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