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Wood Floor Laying Services

List of laying types that we can apply.

Plank floor laying

That's the way to install ready floors with laminate and engineered wood. It's a standard method to seal the floor and attach each board better. The plank mechanism is used only to install floorboards.

It requires a perfectly flat surface before the laying.

Herringbone floor laying

It's a trendy and beautiful way to lay the floorboards (also known as zigzag). It requires a higher level of experience and professionalism. The process is more complex, and sometimes it may require to make finishing at the end.

We avoid any gap between the boards and stack them tightly. It requires serious attention to the pattern to avoid re-laying. Herringbone is a precise way to lay the floor, and it can be made only by experts.

Usually, it will be necessary to cut some of the slats which lay next to the wall.

Chevron floor laying

Chevron is different than Herringbone, and it has a different method for laying. It's a simpler and faster process. It has many advantages, but the expert installation is always preferable.

It creates the effect of the pattern of lines with beautiful impact and comfort.

Figurine parquet laying

That's part of the luxury properties, and it can be any form. When you buy figurine floors, it's necessary just to choose the image you wish to see. Also, it's good to measure your premise to take advantage of the figure on the floor. It's usually in the center of the room, below a glass table or next to open space.

It takes more time than usual because the only way to lay the floor is by creating the figure. Anything else won't work. If you're interested in this method, we would like to recommend a consultation before your order (most of these floors are already finished and coloured).

Art parquet floor laying

As you may see, it's a piece of art. It can be whole pictures, a combination of elements like World Map, Grass, Stones, National Stamps, Flags, Different effects.

For any luxury or old property with style and functional design, this floor will suit perfectly.

The complexity is not a problem, but it's necessary to be sure the art effect will part of the visible floor surface (not under a carpet, furniture, flowers, etc.)

Wood Floor Laying Service

When laying wood floors many specific processes are taken into account. They are consistent with:

  • the type of tree
  • the variety of wooden boards (floorboards)
  • type of assembly mechanism
  • the desired arrangement of the decoration

Placing is quite specific, and when the floor is tightened, it should be just the right way. In this case, it takes into account:

  • sub-floor surface
  • which option is the most stable
  • should other types of services be included on the floor
  • do you need peripheral decorations?
  • which part is the busiest (most loaded)
  • the kind of room where the floor will be placed (humidity, wind, square meters)

When we make a view of the place, and it is clear what kind of wooden floor will be placed, we will be able to determine which is the best way to set it.

From our side, you can expect the best solutions and perfect performance.

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